A Definitive Guide to the Best Dining

With its overall history spanning more than 200 years, Indianapolis has a lot of long-established venues, with restaurants, bars, and pubs being at the very top of that list. We’ve decided to help our Hotel’s guest, who may be visiting the city for the first time in the intricate process of choosing where to eat…

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A Definitive Guide to the Best Dining and Drinking Venues

Martin van Buuren
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The Woods hotel, located at the very heart of Indianapolis is a welcoming retreat both for people traveling across the country and for businessmen, visiting our Rustbelt state for some commercial affairs. Here, we always make sure that you will have any of your needs satisfied, be it a comfortable hotel room with a strong WiFi signal and a diligent room service, a dining and lounge zone or any additional amenities a traveller might want...

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